Town of Veteran, Chemung County NY - Southern Tier of New York State


The Assessor's Office administers and provides customer assistance in obtaining the following exemptions:
~ Agricultural Land and Buildings
~ Charitable (Church and Non-Profit Organizations)
~ Disability
~ Basic and Senior STAR Exemptions
~ Senior Citizen
~ Veterans

All exemptions must be applied for, they are not automatically granted by the Assessor's Office. The absolute deadline for all exemptions in the first of March. Specific details for all exemptions and applications can be found on the website for the Office of Real Property Services (ORPS).

The most common exemptions are:
STAR: A school property tax exemption for all owner occupied residential property.
The Enhanced STAR exemption is available to seniors 65 years of age and older who have incomes up to $83,300.00
**Property owners must reapply for this exemption every year.**

SENIOR CITIZEN: A property tax exemption for seniors whose total income, from all sources is less than $19, 200.00
**Property owners must reapply for this exemption every year.**

VETERANS: An exemption applied to the County, Town and Village taxes for qualified veterans of the US Armed Forces YOU MUST APPLY TO RECEIVE THESE EXEMPTIONS. FOR AN APPLICATION, VISIT THE NYS DEPT. OF TAXATION AND FINANCES ONLINE OR CONTACT THE ASSESSOR'S OFFICE AT (607)739-1476.

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